WordPress is used on 40% of all web sites worldwide. It is a trusted and powerful platform for building web sites.

Features of WordPress

  • Themes: There are over 31,000 themes.
    The theme defines the way the web site works, including the responsive layout. The web page heading, menu, logo, page titles and all styles are built and stored in the theme.
  • Plugins: There are over 54,000 plugins.
    Plugins provide for functionality of the web site. You get plugins to make image sliders, contact forms, and ecommerce (to name just a few!).
  • Built in Editor: Editors are for writing content on web pages. Additional editors can be installed in the form of a plugin
  • A Word Press site usually comprises of many Pages with one page for Blogs
    • Pages: Pages are usually used for Home, About, Services/ Products, Contact etc.
    • Posts: Posts are blog or news articles. The Blog page features a list of all posts with a sidebar to filter posts by category, most recent etc. Some WordPress sites are based solely on Blog posts.

WordPress Security

Because WordPress is so popular many hackers try to find vulnerabilities in the WordPress code, the theme code or the plugin code in order to hack the web site and change the content.

Every one of our web sites needs to have a care plan where we perform a monthly check-up of the site for WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates. Included in this we do a backup and provide for limited web site changes and maintenance as well as a site report.